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Comprehensive method in agri needs for better income for

PTI Mumbai
Updated: 13-09-2019 22:02 IST
Comprehensive method in agri needs for better income for

Union minister of commerce and industries Piyush Goyal on Friday said there was a need to create an intelligent and comprehensive method in agriculture and farming to ensure better productivity and better income for farmers. Speaking at the golden jubilee celebration of United Phosphorus (UPL) here, the minister said the chemicals industry will have to work towards creating products that would not damage the environment.

"As we tend to focus on the growth of the chemicals industry, we need to also look at the environmental concerns. We need to create and use intelligent methods for improving the productivity and for better farming. In these comprehensive method, pesticides would have a role but water management, salt management, better seed should also play a major part. It should be a holistic package," he said.

Goyal further said the industry will have to look at chemicals that do not damage the environment. "It is necessary to create products that don't need much water. I believe, a comprehensive programme should be designed which will have an equal contribution from the government, industry, academia and consumers. The government will extend its support to work with the industry," Goyal said.

He also noted that the industry can also focus on organic farming as it has huge potential in terms of value added products..

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