AAP Demands Court-Probed Investigation into NEET-UG Irregularities

The AAP has called for a Supreme Court-monitored SIT probe into alleged irregularities in the NEET-UG exam results, citing serious concerns for the future of the country’s youth. The BJP has criticized AAP’s stance, alleging double standards. This controversy highlights a broader issue of exam integrity and transparency.

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AAP Demands Court-Probed Investigation into NEET-UG Irregularities
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The AAP on Saturday pushed for a Supreme Court-monitored SIT investigation into alleged irregularities in the NEET-UG exam, raising critical concerns about the future of the country's youth.

In response, the BJP criticized AAP for its purported double standards regarding the exam results. AAP leader Jasmine Shah pointed out that multiple allegations of a substantial scam originated from BJP-ruled states.

The first reports of paper leaks surfaced in Bihar and Gujarat, and it was discovered that six out of 67 toppers hailed from a single center in Haryana's Jhajjar district. NEET-UG results, announced by the National Testing Agency (NTA), have come under scrutiny amid these allegations.

The NTA declared that the Union education ministry had formed a four-member committee to review the grace marks awarded to over 1,500 candidates. Shah asserted that there is a severe lack of transparency from the NTA regarding the alleged leaks and unwarranted grace marks.

On the other hand, the BJP's Delhi spokesperson, Praveen Shankar Kapoor, accused AAP of inconsistency as Education Minister Atishi praised Delhi government school students' exam results, while Jasmine Shah criticized the emergence of toppers from a Haryana center.

Kapoor emphasized the public's confusion over these conflicting statements, questioning the credibility of accusations against students from Haryana and Gujarat while AAP leaders take credit for Delhi students' success.

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