The 100 prequel still in works, confirms CW head Mark Pedowitz

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The 100 prequel still in works, confirms CW head Mark Pedowitz
The series developer Jason Rothenberg started working on The 100 prequel back in 2019. Image Credit: Twitter (@cwthe100)
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The 100 Season 7 dropped its finale on September 30, 2020, on The CW. The seventh season was the final season of the science fiction television series, meaning that there won't be any more The 100 seasons for the diehard fans of the show. While The 100 is officially over, it seems there's still some hope for the series viewers. A prequel to The 100 is under development and it may come to fruition very soon.

The series developer Jason Rothenberg started working on The 100 prequel back in 2019. They also created a backdoor pilot episode and ran it on The CW in 2020 in order to test the waters. The prequel series is set to show the events 100 years before the original series, beginning with the nuclear apocalypse that wiped out almost all life on Earth. Now that The 100 Season 7 is over, fans are itching to get any updates on the prequel series. Is it still on the cards?

While The CW network has been mostly tightlipped about The 100 prequel, recently the network head Mark Pedowitz said that although The 100 prequel (The 100 Season 8) is not on their 2021 release list but the series is still in the works.

Mark Pedowitz said, "I bet you're gonna be shocked by this: There are still discussions going on."

"It is not done in any way shape or form, but there's discussions still happening," he added.

Earlier Mark Pedowitz explained at the 2019 Television Critics Association summer press tour after news broke in August, per TV Guide. "We talked about it a lot. Jason has some other ideas he wants to do, and he thought that this was the right way to go."

Therefore, it is confirmed that creators are planning to have a prequel spinoff to The 100, instead of The 100 Season 8. According to TV Line, the Shepherd Bill's daughter Callie might lead the series. It is reported the spinoff of The 100 would be titled 'The 100: Second Dawn' and would take place just two years after the apocalypse.

The creator told to Comic Book "My initial thought was, 'let's do it in space where, as we know, the Ark is coming together at this time. All the ancestors of our protagonist in the original show from the original 100 are up in space.' But then this became kind of ... We keyed it into what the prequel should be because it made more sense for the story we were telling in season seven."

The official description for The 100: Second Dawn: "It is also known as the Second Dawn of Man or the Second Dawn of the Human Race, was a doomsday cult that was founded by Bill Cadogan before the Nuclear Apocalypse. The cult is the ancestors of both the Grounders and the Disciples, after some members chose to remain on Earth while others crossed over to Bardo."

Currently, CW has not revealed the release date of The 100 prequel or The 100 spin-off series. Devdiscourse will come with more updates on upcoming shows. Till then stay tuned!

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