Lupin Season 3: Will Police trace Assane, Claire & Raoul?

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Lupin Season 3: Will Police trace Assane, Claire & Raoul?
Assane successfully evades the police officers after stealing a speedboat. He reconciles with Claire and Raoul before going on the run. Image Credit: Netflix / Lupin
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Louis Leterrier and Marcela Said directed the mysterious French series Lupin was watched by 70 million households during the first month of its release in January 2021, which made it the most-watched non-English series on Netflix. Now fans are speculating the plotline for Lupin Season 3.

After the release of a total of five episodes in January, Netflix took a gap and again premiered Lupin part 2 or Lupin Season 2 in June. While the second season seemingly covered the main story, Lupin Season 3, which is currently in the works, has still a lot to cover.

The star Omar Sy who plays Assane Diop confirmed that they are currently working on the third part. "We're talking about that right now. We have a lot of ideas and things that we want to do and say, but we're still in the writing process.," he said to EW.

In the mystery thriller series, Omar Sy plays a modern-day gentleman thief who styles himself after ArsèneLupin and vows to avenge his father's death.

Lupin Season 2 ended with Belkacem receiving new evidence, which suggests that Assane was not Léonard's murderer. Youssef tells her and Laugier about Dumont's corruption, and the three resolves to arrest him at the Pellegrinis' concert at the Théâtre du Châtelet that evening.

Philippe, actually an accomplice of Assane and Benjamin, brings several cases of computer equipment into the theater, one of which contains Assane. When the music starts, Assane sneaks into Hubert's private box, holding him at knifepoint and forcing him to confess to framing Babakar for the necklace theft and having both him and Fabienne murdered, being responsible for Raoul's kidnapping, and framing Assane for Leonard's death.

After Assane leaves, Hubert's men chase him through the theater, and he is eventually caught by Dumont. However, Laugier, Belkacem and Youssef arrive, arrest Dumont, and temporarily let Assane walk free. Assane makes his way to the stage, where he publicly accuses Hubert of all of his crimes, including stealing from the foundation. The stunned guests begin to leave in frenzy. Assane, who is still wanted for several high-profile offenses, manages to escape with them, disguised as a fireman.

He sends Youssef a recording of Hubert's confession, allowing the police to arrest the businessman. Although Assane is recognized by a group of officers, he successfully evades them after stealing a speedboat. He reconciles with Claire and Raoul before going on the run.

Lupin Season 3 will be picked from here. The release date is yet to be confirmed by Netflix. Stay tuned to get more updates on Netflix foreign-language shows.

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