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Cary Elwes joins Jon McDonald 'The Hyperions'

Devdiscourse News Desk losangeles Last Updated at 08-12-2018 12:50:06 IST India
Cary Elwes joins Jon McDonald 'The Hyperions'

"The Princess Bride" star Cary Elwes has joined the cast of superhero drama "The Hyperions".

Written and directed by Jon McDonald, the indie film revolves around a professor who in 1960 invents a device, the Titan badge, that offers humans superpowers, which creates an unusual family of superheroes who rise to fame and prestige.

But over time the family fractures and fast-forward to 1979 two original superheroes go to extraordinary lengths to get their Titan badges back.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Hyperions, produced by Justin Bell, is set for an early 2019 shoot in Los Angeles.

Elwes is also set to appear in "Stranger Things".

(With inputs from agencies.)

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