Netflix Announces New Animated Series 'The Undervale' with Rick and Morty Creators

Netflix has ordered a new adult animated series titled 'The Undervale,' led by 'Rick and Morty' veterans Matt Roller and Dan Harmon. The show will follow a single mother managing a haunted hotel with her ghostly estranged brother. The project unites a talented cast and crew, including 'American Dad!' writer Chris McKenna and 'Rick and Morty' supervising director Erica Hayes.

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Netflix Announces New Animated Series 'The Undervale' with Rick and Morty Creators
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Netflix said on Thursday it has ordered the adult animated series "The Undervale," with "Rick and Morty" veterans Matt Roller and Dan Harmon set to lead the project.

Roller is the creator and showrunner, while Harmon is serving as one of the executive producers. The show follows a single mother of two who struggles to run a haunted hotel with the help of her estranged brother, now one of the ghosts, Netflix said.

"I'm thrilled to be working with Netflix and an amazingly talented cast and crew to bring to life the stories of the dead, the evil, and the struggling hospitality workers at the Undervale Hotel," Roller said in the Netflix statement. "Krapopolis" producer Steve Levy will also be working on the show serving as executive producer alongside "American Dad!" writer Chris McKenna. Erica Hayes, who also worked on "Rick and Morty" will be supervising director.

"The Undervale is wildly inventive and I'm very grateful to Matt, Chris, Dan and their team for bringing their talents to Netflix," said Billy Wee, Netflix's director of adult animation. This is the latest collaboration between Roller, Harmon and Levy, as they all worked together on the animated comedy series "Krapopolis" from Fox, Cartoon Network's "Rick and Morty," and the live-action NBC comedy series "Community."

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