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Better to stay away from "inevitable negatives": Will Poulter on quitting Twitter

Better to stay away from "inevitable negatives": Will Poulter on quitting Twitter
(Image Credit: Pixabay)

Actor Will Poulter has announced that he is taking a "step back" from Twitter due to his "recent experiences" on the micro-blogging website. The 25-year-old actor most recently starred in "Bandersnatch" , an interactive episode of "Black Mirror" series on Netflix. Upon its premiere on December 28 last year, Poulter was heavily criticised on the social media for his performance. Poulter posted a lengthy statement on Twitter, saying that though he accepts "all criticisms", it is better for him to stay away from the "inevitable negatives" .

"I'd like to say a heartfelt thank you to everybody who has watched 'Bandersnatch' and for their responses (whatever they may be) to the material we created. I accept all criticisms and it's been a delight to learn that so many of you enjoyed what many people worked very hard to produce!" he wrote. "As we all know there is a balance to be struck in our engagements with social media. There are positives to enjoy and inevitable negatives that are best avoided. It's a balance I have struggled with for a while now and in the interest of my mental health I feel the time has come to change my relationship with social media," he added.

He, however, assured that he will continue to support a number of charitable causes, including an anti-bullying campaign, on Twitter. Later, Poulter was praised by his "Detroit" co-star John Boyega, who shared his post and wrote, "Best thing you can do mate, well done." "Black Mirror: Bandersnatch" features stars Fionn Whitehead as an aspiring video game designer who struggles to maintain his sanity while adapting a choose-your-own-adventure science-fiction novel into a game. Poulter portrayed Colin Ritman, an experienced programmer who becomes something of a mentor to Whitehead's character.

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