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Shrek 5 gets new announcement via Twitter, Know its release date including storyline

Devdiscourse News Desk | New York | Updated: 01-04-2020 18:28 IST | Created: 01-04-2020 18:27 IST
Shrek 5 gets new announcement via Twitter, Know its release date including storyline
As per leaked reports, Shrek 5 is set to be released anytime in September 2022. Image Credit: Facebook / Shrek

Shrek 5 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated animated movies and fans are ardently looking forward to the creation of it. Read the texts below to get more information on it.

Many rumours continue swirling that Shrek 5 has been cancelled. But that's not true at all. The movie was already confirmed and started its pre-production works long time back.

Shrek 5 was actually confirmed seven years ago. Many fans earlier believed that the next movie would start from the point where Shrek 4 titled Shrek Forever After ended. But later news rolled out that the producers were reluctant to continue with that story as NBCUniversal wanted a totally new concept.

On March 15, Shrek 5 production took to twitter to announce that the movie would be delayed and postponed to 2021 due to coronavirus outbreak. On the other hand, the production of Shrek 5 is no longer in continuation as NBCUniversal has different priorities currently. The team at Dreamworks has been asked to work on the new 'Puss in Boots 2: Nine Lives and Forty Thieves' instead of Shrek 5.

As per leaked reports, Shrek 5 is set to be released anytime in September 2022. The filming of Shrek 5 is expected to commence at the ending phase of 2020. The characters in Shrek 5 is going to be same but the movie creators want to introduce a new plot and theme. The studio signed up Michael McCullers to work as the new writer, Collider earlier reported.

Michael McCullers has been given the task of giving some new twists in the storyline and create everything new. This is another reason experts have been saying that the much-awaited movie will be a reboot and not exactly a sequel.

Possibly, the movie will show returning of Shrek and Donkey with much of their adventures. The new characters could play important parts in how the movie shapes up. Although it is quite early to say much on the plot, still the movie is highly expected to distinguish itself totally different from the previous sequels.

Shrek 5 does not have an official release date. But it is likely to be premiered anytime in September 2022. Stay tuned to Devdiscourse to get the latest updates on the Hollywood movies.

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