Drug Consumption, Abuse, And Addiction Trends Across The United States

Since the beginning of the 2000s, the issue of drug addiction has become highly prominent. Please keep reading to find out more about it.

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Drug Consumption, Abuse, And Addiction Trends Across The United States
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Unlike the eastern section of the world, the western part, especially the USA, has put many stringent drug policies in place. However, the government was (or is) still unable to prevent illicit drug usage in the country.

According to a 2018 report, almost 19% of people in the US were abusing drugs regularly. And, amongst them, nearly 35% were between the age limit of 15 to 25. It is increasing the overall death rate due to drug overdose, chronic depression, liver damage, etc.

But, what's the reason behind such an escalation in addiction?

Although it's a social stigma, most people don't get into the trap of drug addiction by choice. Instead, they do it to get rid of their massive work pressure or while trying to escape from the sense of detachment or avoidance.

Hence, like many others, if you have fallen under the influence of drugs, don't be afraid. You're not alone in this fight. If you feel like you cannot control your urge alone, we'll ask you to opt for the drug and alcohol addiction treatment by Gallus Detox.

Depending on your condition, they will let you choose between an inpatient or an outpatient procedure. You'll be fine and start leading a healthy life soon enough; we're sure of it.

Drug Usage In The USA - An Overview

Before 2000, the USA was plagued by two common yet illicit drugs - opioids and marijuana. However, since the last decade or so, the prominence of cocaine consumption has increased massively as well. Here are a few statistics that can help you understand the severity properly.

  • Opioids: As per a study from Verywell Mind, the misuse of prescription drugs was the 2nd-most prevalent drug issue in 2019. Another report from NSDUH has found that around 3% to 5% of individuals aged 12 or over chose opioid-based drugs over something else. It also increased the deaths related to drug overdose, as most people began using the medicinal supplement as a recreational medium.
  • Marijuana: Marijuana is, in essence, the most commonly-used drug in the USA and the second-most psychoactive component after alcohol. The same study from NSDUH has implicated that more than 12 million people had used marijuana in the same year.
  • Cocaine: According to the study of NSDUH, almost 97,000 young adults (aged 12 or over) had consumed cocaine in 2018. The sudden increase in usage has also increased the death rate at a faster pace. The research suggests that older adults tend to be at a high risk of cocaine-related overdose.

Patterns Of Drug Usage

Since 2018, drug usage has been on the rise in the USA. As per a survey, almost 165.4 million people went through drug abuse, including alcohol, tobacco, etc., in the previous year.

The study has also indicated that more than 20% of people used at least one form of illicit drugs throughout the same year. It's a notable increase from 2015, which has occurred primarily due to the increased usage of marijuana.

In 2019, around 17.5% of people had used marijuana. It's a 4% increase from 2015. Young adults aged between 18 to 25 have the highest rate of using the aforesaid drug.

Reasons Behind The Increased Rate Of Drug Usage

Since childhood, almost everyone knows or is taught that drug usage is harmful to our health. But, they still end up falling into the grasp of the same.

Why, though?

Here are a few reasons that might prompt an individual to take upon drug addiction.

Reason - 1: Social Glorification

We're currently living in a society that glorifies the use of alcohol for almost every occasion. Whether it's your birthday or the marriage anniversary, you will always hear your friends saying, "let's go for a drink, mate."

And that's where the problem begins.

As a result of such "norms," people turn to alcohol and drugs to be socially gratified. But, the more we get accustomed to it, the likelier it'll be for us to develop an addiction.

Reason - 2: Self-Medication

Like stress, depression and anxiety have become prominent, mainly amongst young adults. Thus, to escape from the never-ending pressure, they consider consuming drugs. It, in turn, offers them a recreational feeling and keeps them away from negative thoughts.

Nonetheless, self-medicating with drugs is quite risky, as it has a high risk of developing a drug addiction. Substance abuse can also harm a person physically. In some cases, an overdose of the same can lead to death as well.

Reason - 3: Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can affect almost anyone at some point in their life. However, it's most likely to leave an ever-lasting impression on the younger generation. This is because teenagers, primarily between 15 to 20, are more vulnerable to this problem.

While walking the street, teens may see that a "cool crowd" is drinking or smoking openly, and they'll try to copy them.

From their viewpoint, it helps them get "accepted" or "become a part of the neo-modern society." Nevertheless, such a desire to "fit in" can lead them to use drugs and become gradually addicted to them.

Reason - 4: To Reduce Stress

According to the American Psychological Association report, nearly eight in ten people feel stressed at least once every week. Hence, they turn to alcohol or consume drugs to lower their discomfort or shift their focus slightly.

Nonetheless, this habit is a dangerous one, as it can turn you into an addict. Thus, it's always better to seek out other ways, preferably natural, to fight against stress. For example, exercising regularly or meditating at least twice a day can be helpful.

Seeking Solace From Drug Addiction

No matter what's the reason behind your addiction, you should always seek proper treatment. If you keep it as is, the problem will increase even more in the future. After a while, it'll be almost impossible to get out of the grasp of the situation.

Hence, we'll ask you to visit a psychiatrist or opt for a detox center or an addiction medicine consultant as soon as possible. Also, if you can, talk to someone who's close to you about it.

There's no need to worry. Drug addiction is not an immoral action. Instead, it's a psychological disease that must be cured.

Have faith in yourself. Everything's going to be alright!

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