Kauvery Hospitals Achieves Medical Miracle with Hand Reimplantation Surgery

In a groundbreaking medical achievement, Kauvery Hospitals restored a 48-year-old man's hand after complete amputation. The surgery, involving complex micro-vascular techniques, was successfully completed within six hours. Experts emphasize the importance of immediate and proper preservation of amputated parts for successful reimplantation. The patient was discharged with restored hand function.

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Kauvery Hospitals Achieves Medical Miracle with Hand Reimplantation Surgery
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Salem, 7th June 2024: Kauvery Hospitals, renowned for its top-tier medical treatments and services, has reported a noteworthy success in micro-vascular surgery. A 48-year-old man from Namakkal arrived with his right hand completely amputated. The surgery, led by orthopaedician Dr. Arun and plastic surgeon Dr. Suresh Kumar, lasted six hours and was a resounding success.

Dr. Suresh Kumar, Consultant Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, highlighted the importance of immediate reimplantation in such traumatic cases. 'The goal is always to restore the original form and function. The entire team's expertise was pivotal in achieving this remarkable outcome,' said Dr. Kumar.

Facility Director V. Selvam lauded the team's commitment, reinforcing Kauvery Hospital Salem's reputation as a center of medical excellence. Senior administrators Dr. Sundararajan and Dr. Abirami also expressed their appreciation for the successful procedure.

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