Chinese Communist Party has finally lost its 'Mandate of Heaven': Report

An Europe Asia Foundation insight report states that mass resistance seen in many places in China is a sign of the rising discontent and indication of the gradual process of Regime Change.

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Chinese Communist Party has finally lost its 'Mandate of Heaven': Report
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Chinese Communist Party Regime and the common Chinese people are two distinct entities and the latter are the very first victims of a murderous Communist regime, according to an insight report in the Europe Asia Foundation. Authored by Milind Mahajan the report titled "A Glimpse into the Chinese mindset" elucidates on how for the last 3000 years the two concepts of 'Middle Kingdom' and the 'Mandate of Heaven' have influenced the thinking of Chinese rulers and are creating huge problems for the world.

Mahajan summarises that according to the concept of Mandate of Heaven, it is clear that the CCP is being brutal and not working for the welfare of the people. "The CCP Regime has lost the Mandate of Heaven and so the Chinese masses have now got a right to resort to Regime Change. The mass resistance seen in many places in China is a sign of the rising discontent and indication of the gradual process of Regime Change. The CCP has finally lost its Mandate of Heaven," he writes.

The author points out that the Chinese masses are now mandated to seek a Regime Change and establish, for the first time, a truly democratic, welfare State in China. This is the right time for the Chinese people to struggle for Liberty, Equality and Fraternity. Earlier in the report, the author explains that the Chinese Communist Party is influenced by the comcepts of the 'Mandate of Heaven' which states that 'no one should oppose the Ruler' and 'must accept the regime change,' and that of the ' Middle Kingdom,' where rulers believe that they are superior.

The Europe Asia Foundation report points out that in 1046 BCE, the Zhou king deposed the erstwhile Shang dynasty and established his own rule and also propagated his idea of 'Mandate of Heaven.' He was the one who thought that the people should not oppose this takeover and must accept the regime change. According to the author, the concept of 'Mandate of Heaven' was that Heaven or God had given to the Rulers the right to Rule. They must rule for the welfare of the common people. If they become despots and harass and torture their subjects then this the Mandate of Heaven is revoked and the people have a right to depose such despotic rulers.

Chinese Communist Party, claims to be influenced by the idea of the Middle Kingdom which means "Our ruling system is the best. All other countries must copy or replicate our system. We are the best and the world must accept our superiority and be subservient to us." But also follows the 'Mandate of Heaven' ideology except for the one thing which was that the "Mandate of Heaven" would revoke if ruler become despots and harass and torture their subjects. Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, and many other countries are being strangled by the Chinese debt trap. Indirectly, such countries have been enslaved by the CCP Regime. The idea of the Middle Kingdom is so strongly influencing the CCP Regime that today it is trying to enslave the whole world, the report states.

This undemocratic Regime is ruling over the Chinese people in such a despotic and tyrannical manner as if it has received a Mandate of Heaven to rule over China. For example during the Chinese Civil War from October 1934 to October 1935, under the leadership of Mao-Tse-Tung, 80,000 people marched for about 9,000km, cites the Europe Asia Foundation report. This is famously known as the 'Long March'. Out of the 80,000 Chinese people who started the march, around 70,000 died due to starvation, disease and war. The CCP was responsible for the tragic death of these 70,000 common Chinese people.

Another example is of 1949, when Mao-Tse-Tung became the ruler of China. Later on, from 1958 to 1962, he started the campaign called 'Great Leap Forward'. This campaign was based on some very ill-conceived ideas and was conducted in such a horrible manner that Agriculture and Industrial development suffered extremely badly. Food and grain production was reduced to such a low level that from 1959 to 1961 a great famine occurred in China. This man-made famine was so horrible that around 30 million people died of starvation. This is one of the worst famines in recent human history. From 1966 to 1976, under the leadership of Mao, the Chinese Communist Party launched a 'Cultural Revolution'. Under the cover of this campaign, Mao-Tse-Tung eliminated his political rivals. Due to the atrocities and violence committed during this 10-year-long Cultural Revolution, the Chinese Culture, society and family system were destroyed. Around 1-2 million Chinese died during this campaign.

The Tibetans' fight for their land also started during the Mao regime. In the 1950s, Chinese military launched its operation to capture the Tibetans' land and called it it's own. Since that Tibet is fighting for their own freedom from the Chinese forceful oppression. In 1959, the Dalai Lama took the shelter in India after their revolt was mercilessly crushed by the Chinese Army (PLA). Since 1950, about 1.2 million Tibetans have died in the struggle for the Liberation of Tibet, as per the report in Europe Asia Foundation. Beijing's Tiananmen Square incident is one of the such case which can never be forgotten by any Chinese. Millions of Chinese youths were agitating and demanding democracy and basic Human Rights. On the night of 4th June 1989, the CCP Regime unleashed the Chinese Army (PLA) against these youths. The PLA started indiscriminate firing on the unarmed youths. Army tanks were used to literally crush the youths. Approximately 10,000 young Chinese were killed in this brutal, inhuman, cold-blooded massacre. This is the most brutal massacre in modern human history.

The above are just a few examples of the manner in which the CCP Regime treats its own Chinese subjects, cites the author. 

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