Israel's Investigations Amid Gaza War: Pledges, Probes, and Controversies

Israel has vowed to investigate numerous deadly events amid the ongoing conflict with Hamas. Despite a few admissions of military misconduct, most investigations are still ongoing. Instances of deadly strikes and alleged war crimes are under scrutiny as the international community and human rights groups call for accountability.

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Israel's Investigations Amid Gaza War: Pledges, Probes, and Controversies
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In the midst of a grueling seven-month conflict with Hamas, Israel has committed to investigating a series of deadly incidents where its military forces are suspected of wrongdoing. This pledge comes as human rights groups and the International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor allege that Israeli leaders are committing war crimes in Gaza.

One of the most high-profile cases involved an attack on a World Central Kitchen convoy that resulted in the deaths of five foreign aid workers. The Israeli army quickly disclosed its findings, acknowledged military misconduct, and dismissed two soldiers. However, many other probes remain open, and admissions of guilt are infrequent.

Maj. Gen. Yifat Tomer-Yerushalmi, Israel's Military Advocate General, recently stated that around 70 cases of alleged wrongdoing are currently under investigation. Despite the lack of comprehensive details, some significant incidents have been publicly disclosed. These include a deadly strike on a tent camp, a brutal crackdown on civilians around a flour convoy, a devastating hospital explosion, and the fatal shooting of a Palestinian man walking with others. The investigations continue as Israel faces immense international scrutiny over its actions in Gaza.

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