Village Head Found Murdered in Orchard

A village head named Karunesh Kumar was found dead with his throat slit in a parked car within a mango orchard. The police, alerted by local residents, have begun an investigation following the postmortem.

PTI | Pratapgarh | Updated: 07-06-2024 23:29 IST | Created: 07-06-2024 23:29 IST
Village Head Found Murdered in Orchard
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The small village of Dihwa Jalalpur was shaken on Friday when the blood-stained body of its head, Karunesh Kumar, was discovered in a parked car within a local mango orchard. The discovery was made by local residents, who immediately informed the police.

Kunda's Circle Officer, Ajit Singh, confirmed the identity of the 34-year-old village head and stated that the police quickly transported the body to a hospital, where it was declared dead on arrival. The cause of death was an apparent throat slitting.

The police have since sent the body for postmortem examination and commenced a thorough investigation to uncover the circumstances leading to this gruesome murder.

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