BJP's Fierce Protests Over Delhi's Water Crisis: AAP Under Fire

Delhi BJP leaders, MPs, and workers held protests across the capital, blaming the AAP government for a severe water shortage. Demonstrators accused AAP ministers of being complicit with the 'tanker mafia' and demanded immediate resolution. The BJP vowed to continue the protests until adequate water supply is restored.

PTI | New Delhi | Updated: 17-06-2024 21:41 IST | Created: 17-06-2024 21:41 IST
BJP's Fierce Protests Over Delhi's Water Crisis: AAP Under Fire
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Delhi BJP leaders and MPs, alongside party workers, converged across the national capital on Monday to protest against the water shortage. The demonstrators pointed fingers at the AAP government, accusing it of gross mismanagement.

Chanting slogans, BJP members shattered empty 'matkas' (earthen pitchers), alleging residents are falling ill from consuming polluted tap water. At a Geeta Colony protest, Delhi BJP president Virendra Sachdeva accused the tanker mafia of diverting water once it enters Delhi, implicating AAP ministers in the scheme.

Despite AAP's decade-long rule, people still receive contaminated water, he asserted. Sachdeva showcased a video purportedly depicting an AAP MLA threatening water protestors. Multiple BJP MPs, including Manoj Tiwari and Bansuri Swaraj, joined protests in various locations, censuring Water Minister Atishi and condemning AAP's governance.

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