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20th NSF Martyrs' Memorial Trophy to reduce single-use

PTI Kohima
Updated: 13-09-2019 16:03 IST
20th NSF Martyrs' Memorial Trophy to reduce single-use

In sync with a nationwide campaign against single-use plastic, an initiative has been taken to hold the month-long Naga Students Federation (NSF) Martyrs Memorial Trophy in an environmentally friendly manner. The NSF Martyrs Memorial Trophy, organised by the Angami Students' Union (ASU), is one of the oldest and most reputed football tournaments in Nagaland.

ASU functionaries and the working committee of the tournament have decided to encourage players and spectators not to use plastic in any form, including mineral water bottles, ASU president Vizokho Zashmo told reporters here on Friday. "We cannot enforce complete ban but can only dissuade players and spectators from using plastic inside the venue, even for drinking water. They have been asked to carry their own water bottles," he said.

The organizers of the 20th edition of the tournament, in collaboration with Kohima Municipal Council and Kohima Smart City Development Limited, will set up 15-20 water dispensers at the venue for refilling water bottles, he said. Paper cups will also be placed along with the dispensers.

The organizers will not give mementos to patrons, special guests and invitees. Instead, saplings with the motto 'plant for life', will be given to them, Zashumo said.

The tournament will be held here from September 21 to October 19..

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