Elderly Sikh Candidate's Bold Move Sparks Interest in Kanyakumari

In Kanyakumari district, an elderly Sikh man, identified as a candidate from a fringe outfit, attracted attention at a counting center by sporting a knife inside a sheath. Police on duty questioned him regarding the knife. Local TV reports provide further details on the incident.

PTI | Chennai | Updated: 04-06-2024 09:24 IST | Created: 04-06-2024 09:24 IST
Elderly Sikh Candidate's Bold Move Sparks Interest in Kanyakumari
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In a surprising turn of events, an elderly Sikh man arrived at a Kanyakumari district counting center carrying a knife neatly sheathed at his side. The individual, reportedly a candidate from a fringe political outfit, attracted immediate attention from the police on security duty.

Authorities swiftly questioned the man about the knife, adhering to security protocols at the counting center. Suspense loomed as officers sought clarity on the candidate's intentions and background.

According to local television reports, the man is actively running for a position, elevating the stakes and speculations surrounding his presence. This incident underscores the heightened security measures and the diverse array of candidates in this election season.

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