Houthi Rebels Unveil Hypersonic Missile Amid Escalating Tensions with Israel

The Houthi rebels in Yemen have introduced a new solid-fuel missile named 'Palestine'. The missile, allegedly linked to Iranian designs, was launched at Israel's port of Eilat, causing air raid sirens but no damage. The event highlights ongoing regional tensions and the Houthis' evolving military capabilities.

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Houthi Rebels Unveil Hypersonic Missile Amid Escalating Tensions with Israel
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Yemen's Houthi rebels have unveiled a new solid-fuel missile, dubbed 'Palestine', drawing parallels with Iran's hypersonic weapons. The missile was launched at Israel's Eilat port, triggering air raid sirens but causing no damage or injuries. The footage showed the missile being deployed from a mobile launcher, backed by white smoke from its engine, indicative of solid-fuel technology.

The Houthis claim the missile is domestically produced, though experts doubt Yemen's ability to manufacture such advanced weaponry without external assistance, particularly from Iran. Solid-fuel missiles offer quicker launch capabilities, vital for the Houthis as their launch sites are frequent targets of US and allied forces.

Meanwhile, the US military reported another nearby incident involving Houthi-fired ballistic missiles and drones in the southern Red Sea. Despite the heightened tensions and military activity, no injuries or damages were reported on US, coalition, or commercial vessels.

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