Extreme Heat Alerts Sweep Across the US Amid Record-Breaking Temperatures

Over 75 million people in the US are under extreme heat alerts as a heat wave intensifies. The Midwest and Northeast are particularly affected, with Phoenix experiencing record-high temperatures. Officials are urging residents to take precautions, and a petition has been filed to classify extreme heat as a major disaster.

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Extreme Heat Alerts Sweep Across the US Amid Record-Breaking Temperatures
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Over 75 million Americans found themselves under extreme heat alerts on Monday as a formidable heat wave pushed eastward. Forecasts indicate that highs in the 90s will persist in the mid-Atlantic and New England regions throughout the week, compounded by suffocating humidity levels.

Heatwave occurrences last year were the highest since 1936, prompting officials to renew calls for caution. Significant portions of the Midwest and Northeast are currently under heat warnings or watches.

Phoenix illustrates the peril, having reported a record 645 heat-related deaths in 2023 with temperatures soaring to 112 degrees Fahrenheit (44.4 Celsius) recently. Meteorologists advise minimizing outdoor activities and staying hydrated.

Similar conditions are seen in New Mexico and Southern California, where wildfires have escalated due to the heat. Concerns over extreme weather persist as growing petitions call for formal disaster recognition.

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