Boeing's Starliner: Rescue from the Final Frontier

Boeing's Starliner capsule, currently docked at the ISS, faces technical issues delaying its return to Earth. Five helium leaks, non-functional thrusters, and a propellant valve malfunction have necessitated several rescheduled return dates. NASA and mission teams are working extensively to address these mid-mission challenges crucial for Boeing's space division.

Reuters | Updated: 25-06-2024 02:26 IST | Created: 25-06-2024 02:26 IST
Boeing's Starliner: Rescue from the Final Frontier
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Explainer-How Boeing's Starliner can bring its astronauts back to Earth

Problems with Boeing's Starliner capsule, still docked at the International Space Station (ISS), have upended the original plans for its return of its two astronauts to Earth, as last-minute fixes and tests draw out a mission crucial to the future of Boeing's space division. NASA has rescheduled the planned return three times, and now has no date set for it. Since its June 5 liftoff, the capsule has had five helium leaks, five maneuvering thrusters go dead and a propellant valve fail to close completely, prompting the crew in space and mission managers in Houston to spend more time than expected pursuing fixes mid-mission.

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