Round 2 of 25th FMSCI National Racing Championship 2022 comes to an exciting end in Coimbatore

Sunday was filled with some speedy, thrilling action from some of the best motorsport talent in the country

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Round 2 of 25th FMSCI National Racing Championship 2022 comes to an exciting end in Coimbatore
Winners celebrating with the trophy. (Photo- FMSCI). Image Credit: ANI
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Racers battled across seven high-octane races for the LGB Formula 4, Novice Cup, Continental GT Cup, and Endurance League Cup 2022 on the concluding day of Round 2 of the 25th FMSCI National Racing Championship 2022. As per a release from FMSCI, the action-packed Day 2 started on Sunday with Race 2 of the Continental GT Cup. It started off smooth but soon turned out to be unlucky for seasoned campaigner and yesterday's podium topper Anish D Shetty as he lost control and retired midway. It was Navaneeth Kumar, who took this opportunity to claim the top spot.

Category-wise, in the pro category, Navaneeth took the lead, with Allwin coming 2nd, and Ullas S Nanda finishing 3rd. Soorya PM continued his lead in the Amateur category followed by Varun Gowda at 2nd, Pradeep C at 3rd, respectively. The Race 3 of the Novice Cup started off right after and saw the young campaigners resuming their battle. However, another disappointment came soon as Momentum Motorsports' Arjun Syam Nair, who topped in Race 2 yesterday, toppled over after getting hit by Aman Nagdev's car. It was Arjun's teammate Chetan Surineni, who showed a surprising run to clinch the top spot at the podium, as DTS Racing duo Vinith Kumar, and Joel Joseph, came a close 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

The action got more intense with the Race 2 of the LGB Formula 4. The seasoned campaigners showed how not to give up till the end. A neck-to-neck battle ended with Viswas Vijayaraj defending his top position from Race 1. Ahura Racing's Amir Sayed finally opened his account this season by finishing 2nd at the podium, while MSport's Vishnu Prasad finished a close 3rd. Day 2 had the much-anticipated and unique race, the Endurance League Cup 2022, which was introduced for the first time in Round 1 last month. The one-of-a-kind category features 20 teams of two riders each racing on 250cc bikes non-stop for 60 minutes with a rider change is a true test of endurance. After an hour long test of endurance and racing intellect, it was the pair of Abhishek Vasudev and Amarnath Menon, who topped the podium, followed by Rohit Lad and Abhinav G at the 2nd, and Prabhu V and Sarvesh Hamunnavar at the 3rd spot.

With the end of the hour-long race, it was time for the Race 3 of the Continental GT Cup. The track was better than morning, providing more grip to the riders. It was however, Race 2 topper Navaneeth Kumar this time, who had an unfortunate fall midway. It turned out to be a golden opportunity for Allwin Xavier to seal the top spot of the podium, while Sudheer Sudhakar, and Meka Vidhuraj, came in with superb performances to clinch the 2nd and 3rd spots, respectively. Soorya PM was consistently at top of the podium in the Amateur category, while Varun Gowda, and Pradeep C again finished 2nd, and 3rd respectively. It was Momentum Motorsports' Chetan Surineni's day today as he again came in with a superb finish to claim the top spot at the podium in the Race 4 of the Novice Cup. The fierce battle among the young guns was a sight for the eyes. Hasten Performance's Aadithya Parasuram bounced back to clinch the 2nd spot at the podium, while his teammate Adheet Parashar finished 3rd. This podium finish puts Aadithya Parasuram 10 points ahead of Kyle Kumaran in the overall tally, who missed this round due to World Motorsport Games in Marseille.

The concluding race for the day - Race 3 of the LGB Formula 4 brought out a lot of drama on the track with the 20 lap-race showing the seasoned racers fighting it out till the last lap. The seasoned female racers Mira Erda from MSport, and Anushriya Gulati from Dark Don Racing put up a spectacular show by leading under the top 10 for several laps. It was Viswas Vijayaraj, however, who continued his grip and momentum throughout to clinch another top spot at the podium, while Arya Singh, and Ashwin Datta from Dark Don Racing, returned to the podium, at number 2, and 3, respectively. The Round 2 of the 25th JK Tyre FMSCI National Racing Championship was full of action and surprises both from the weather and the performances by the more than hundred racers who locked horns to clinch the podiums.

Day 2 Provisional Race Results: Continental GT Cup:

Race 2: 1. Navaneeth Kumar - 13:33.994

2. Allwin Xavier - 13:37.865 3. Ullas S Nanda - 13:38.695

Race 3: 1. Allwin Xavier - 14:01.228

2. Sudheer Sudhakar - 14:01.237 3. Meka Vidhuraj - 14:04.850

Novice Cup: Race 3:

1. Chetan Surineni (Momentum Motorsports)- 15:54.829 2. Vinith Kumar (Hasten Performance)- 15:55.578

3. Joel Joseph (DTS Racing)- 15:55.933 Race 4:

1. Chetan Surineni (Momentum Motorsports) -16:44.215 2. Aadithya Parasuram (Hasten Performance) - 16:44.378

3. Adheet Parashar (Hasten Performance) - 16:44.560 LGB Formula 4:

Race 2: 1. Viswas Vijayaraj (Ahura Racing) - 20:01.270

2. Amir Sayed (Ahura Racing) - 20:05.278 3. Vishnu Prasad (MSport) - 20:16.153

Race 3: 1. Viswas Vijayaraj (Ahura Racing) - 30:54.084

2. Arya Singh (Dark Don Racing) - 30:55.036 3. Ashwin Datta (Dark Don Racing) - 30:55.569

Endurance League Cup: (Race 1) 1. Abhishek Vasudev/Amarnath Menon - 1:00:33.623

2. Rohit Lad/Abhinav G - 1:00:46.788 3. Prabhu V/Sarvesh Hamunnavar - 1:01:08.426. (ANI)

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