Liverpool Chairman Envisions Premier League in New York Amid Fans' Backlash

Liverpool chairman Tom Werner expressed interest in hosting English Premier League games in New York and other global locations. This idea, reminiscent of the abandoned 'Game 39,' has faced criticism from fans. The proposal, considered a personal idea and not club policy, aims to foster global football celebrations.

Reuters | Updated: 08-06-2024 12:46 IST | Created: 08-06-2024 12:46 IST
Liverpool Chairman Envisions Premier League in New York Amid Fans' Backlash

Liverpool chairman Tom Werner said he was keen on seeing English Premier League games being played in New York and fixtures being hosted around the world, with his comments attracting criticism from fans. In 2008, former Premier League chairman Richard Scudamore proposed the idea of putting on a dedicated additional round of fixtures outside the country, which was dubbed 'Game 39' and was widely panned by fans before being abandoned.

The idea of hosting competitive domestic matches overseas has seen a resurgence in recent years, with world soccer governing body FIFA last month saying it would review its policy on 'out-of-territory' matches. "I'm determined one day to have a Premier League game be played in New York City," American Werner told the Financial Times in an interview published on Friday.

"I even have the sort of crazy idea that there would be a day where we play one game in Tokyo, one game a few hours later in Los Angeles, one game a few hours later in Rio, one game a few hours later in Riyadh and make it sort of a day where football, where the Premier League, is celebrated. "Let's figure out a way to offer (local fans) very cheap travel (and) accommodations so that if Liverpool is playing Nottingham Forest, we will support fans coming to New York and make this an attractive thing for the fans as well."

Liverpool owner John Henry stressed in the same interview that the plan was "not something that I advocate or am particularly interested in." In a statement on X, the Liverpool FC Supporters Board said it had spoken to the Merseyside club, who said Werner's comment was "a personal idea".

"It is not something the club is considering," the statement added. "Even then, they have reassured us it would be subject to consultation with our Supporters' Board, in line with our Supporters' Board agreement."

Spain's LaLiga has attempted to stage matches in the United States in the past, with Barcelona withdrawing from plans to play a league game against Girona in Miami in 2019, citing a lack of support. The Spanish federation (RFEF) has hosted the Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia in recent years.

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