MVE Exclusion Technology for New Zealanders

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MVE Exclusion Technology for New Zealanders
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Multiple Venue Exclusion (MVE) is an intervention tool available to problem gamblers in New Zealand. It has been enabled since the year 2011. Through this tool, all players can self-exclude themselves from multiple venues without having to visit them individually. Once the exclusion process is initiated, the gambler cannot visit the venue at all, and neither can the venue manager allow the excluded player. That would be a breach of the exclusion policy.

Six months is the recommended time frame for the Multiple Venue Exclusion periods. Most MVE requests are comprised of – The Request for Self Exclusion (MVE) form, the Venue Identification form, and a color photo of the client. The most distinctive fact about MVE exclusions is that these are not universally recommended to everyone. Your counsellor will first test if this kind of intervention is suitable for you or not.

The MVE process takes place in a set of steps which are as follows:

  1. The first step in this process is the gambler getting assisted by the PMGH provider in initiating the process. The Provider analyzes the suitableness of exclusion for the problem gambler from New Zealand and provides the required information for the process. Therefore, the exclusion option of your exclusion process being facilitated by a provider has to be first agreed upon by both the client and the counsellor.
  2. Next, the Request for Multiple Venue Exclusion and venue identification forms along with photos and other details are completed. The counsellor or provider then emails this MVE Request to the local MVE coordinator. The coordinator reviews the request such as photo verification and verification of documents. He then emails the National MVE Administrator.
  3. The National MVE Administrator upon receiving the request reviews the exclusion details checks license and inputs them in the National Exclusion database called CONCERN. On completion of the process, an email is sent to the venues asking for approval of the provider facilitated self-exclusion request.
  4. The venue operator now logs into the CONCERN database and approves the request. Immediately after the approval is granted, an exclusion order is generated. It is then emailed to the National MVE Administration Service.
  5. The client who is the self-excluded gambler has the right to request the full copy of the exclusion order which will then be returned to the client through email or post.

Choosing the venues is also important. The clients must choose the best online casinos for NZ players where they often play. Problem gamblers are always known in the venue. So, the counsellor or local MVE coordinator must help the client to identify these high-risk venues and exclude the client from these foremost. Thus, to fulfil the MVE process, regional MVE coordinators play a huge role.

Here's what they do for you:

  • They play a central role in MVE related issues
  • They work with the client or the counsellor/providers to ensure that the client's documents are alright.
  • They email those verified documents to the National MVE Administrator.
  • They send a notification to either the client or the counsellor before the expiry.
  • They liaise with either the client or counsellor and the venues/DIA/society in case any issue arises about the exclusion process.
  • They even work with regional PH workers for any kind of support.

The CONCERN database plays a major role in storing the details of the clients going through the exclusion process. The database can be accessed through a web portal that frees the venues and the societies handling the MVE processes. The CONCERN database was built to facilitate the gambling legislation which is of the opinion that all exclusion requests should be approved by the bookmakers or the client.

Concluding Thoughts

A Multi Venue Exclusion is usually started by a support service for problem gamblers instead of the client who has decided to self-exclude themselves out of their own volition. If a punter enrols in the self-exclusion program in a venue, the venue operator needs to ensure that the individual is excluded immediately from any membership program or any commitment to the casino. The venue manager will help the punters contact their local MVE organizer in order to successfully exclude the punter from their venue.

The negligence or failure of the bookmaker to prevent the excluded gambler from entering the venue or removing them is also considered an offence for which the penalty for the venue manager is a fine of $5,000. For the excluded gambler, the fine goes up to $500.

MVE in New Zealand has expanded in size and status from being a regional program to a program that is nationally administered. Some of the regions having MVE programs are – Northland, Wellington, Canterbury, Auckland, Hawkes Bay, and many others.

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