Tech-Powered Justice: Pune Police Leverage AI for Crash Scene Reconstruction

Pune Police are employing AI-based tools for digital reconstruction of a Porsche car crash allegedly involving a juvenile driver. This initiative, generally used in murder cases, aims to enhance evidence appreciation by creating detailed 3D visuals of the accident scene, which resulted in the death of two IT professionals.

PTI | Pune | Updated: 29-05-2024 23:14 IST | Created: 29-05-2024 23:14 IST
Tech-Powered Justice: Pune Police Leverage AI for Crash Scene Reconstruction
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Police investigating the Porsche car crash allegedly involving a juvenile driver are planning ''digital reconstruction'' of the accident scene using some latest AI-based tools and software for ''evidence appreciation'', a senior police officer said on Wednesday.

He said such AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools have not yet been used for reconstructing accident scenes, though they have been effectively used in murder cases to reconstruct the body for identification.

''By leveraging these AI tools, we aim to reconstruct the entire accident and crime scene in detail. The objective is to create a comprehensive visualisation of the crime/accident scene to enhance evidence appreciation,'' the officer told PTI.

The juvenile son of a city-based builder allegedly drank alcohol at a restaurant and a club before driving the car at high speed, which crashed into a motorbike in the wee hours of May 19, killing two IT professionals, police had said.

The digital reconstruction involves recreating the route from the juvenile's home to Cosie Restaurant to Blak Club in Mundhwa area, and from the Club to the accident spot in Kalyani Nagar area.

''There are some AI simulated models and core softwares wherein if CCTV camera footage, photos or spot photos are inputted, they can create some 3D image or 3D walk-through,'' the officer added.

Police had collected a large volume of CCTV footage along the route taken by the juvenile, leading to the spot of the accident, which will come in handy in the digital reconstruction of the accident site.

As per the police, the juvenile, who is in the observation home, had partied in Cosie restaurant and Blak Club.

Police had arrested the minor's father and grandfather for allegedly trying to stall the investigation.

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