Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80: Gas to defeat Granolah despite being overpowered

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80: Gas to defeat Granolah despite being overpowered
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Japanese manga Dragon Ball Super became highly popular and garnered mostly positive reviews. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 is the upcoming installment and fans are ardently waiting to know its storyline. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 is scheduled to be released on January 20, 2022. The manga follows a monthly schedule.

Previously we saw Granolah power and appear under Gas and Goku. He welcomes Gas to fight against him. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 will focus on the intense fight of Granolah vs. Goku.

The leader HeetersElec is enjoying his drink as his "Wish" of gathering the dragon balls is going to be fulfilled. He believes Gas will easily defeat Granolah and become the warrior of the Universe.

However, Oil is confident on the fact that Gas could defeat Granolah. He said to Maki about it. The battle started. Both the fighters exchange massive strikes. However, they both block each other's punches.

In the fight, Granolah loses his power. Heeters wonders if Granolah can be defeated by Gas. However, Prince of Saiyans, Vegeta takes Granolah behind the hills and feeds him the Energy Beans to restore his power. The Energy Beans are actually Senzu Beans.

When Granolah stands up straight, he regains his strength, Vegeta reveals that he ate Senzu Bean, and Granolah must not waste time. Soon Granolah vanishes from the area and appears in front of Oil and Monato. They were scared. Oil wonders how Granolah survives. Monato passes his face mask to him. He again attacks Gas. Granola is overpowered.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 will show although Granolah is powered still he will begin to lose against Gas after the counterattacks. Goku and Vegeta will prepare to fight with Gas after Granola loses. Goku still hasn't shown much, so 90 percent of the time after Granolah leaves the field, Goku will step up to fight Gas.

The raw scans come out one to two days before the official release of any manga chapter. We will keep on updating the spoilers, leaks and the summary of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 80 when the manga raws or drafts are verified and translated to English. It will be available in English and Spanish through both web and mobile applications.

Fans can follow VIZ media, MangaPlus, and Shonen Jump's official websites and platforms to read the chapters. Stay tuned to Devdiscourse to get the latest updates on the imminent chapter.

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