One Piece Chapter 1067 full summary out: Lucci wants to kill Bonney

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One Piece Chapter 1067 full summary out: Lucci wants to kill Bonney
One Piece Chapter 1067 is set to be released on Sunday, 20, 2022. Image Credit: One Facebook
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The additional spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1067 are mostly out. The author Eiichiro Oda has formed a massive plotline and is going to share it in the new chapter. The raw scans for the chapter will be out two to three days before the release date. But we would advise all fans to read the manga after its release on official platforms.

One Piece Chapter 1067 is the upcoming issue of the weekly Shonen jump magazine without any break. The newest chapter is titled “Punk Record.” The cover page gives the view of Judge and Caesar begins fighting. Therefore, the upcoming chapters will continue reproducing the fighting between the two.

Before reading into the full spoilers let’s have a brief explanation of “Punk Record,” which may help the viewers to understand One Piece Chapter 1067’s plot easily.

Punk Records is the upper part of the egg at the top of the island. It is nothing but Vegapunk’s brain. “Vegapunk was born with a mastermind brain but he also ate ‘Nomi Nomi No Mi,’. The fruits allow allows Vegapunk’s brain to store unlimited Information, but his brain also grows large with enormous data.

This upper part is totally made with the brains of scientist Vegapunk and it is still growing. Punk Record is updated every day with additional data from the scientist that the six different brains are obtaining.  The main Vegapunk is connected with the Punk Record with the antenna of the apple on his head.

Coming back to the spoilers! According to One Piece Chapter 1067 spoilers released by trusted source Redon, Vegapunk talks to Jinbe about the development of Punk Records. He wants anyone can access and update it with their own information. But Jinbe advises it’s a bad idea as people could upload their biased thought.

According to the perfectionist, Vegapunk, Momo’s dragon fruit is considered a failure as the color of the dragon was pink.

Besides, the ancient robot that Luffy and his group found was built 900 years old. The Robot climbed the Red Line and attacks Mary Geoise 200 years ago. But during the attack, it ran out of fuel and was captured. Robin reveals in the same year “Fishman discrimination incident” took place.

Later the duplicate of the automaton “Vega Force 01” is built to imitate the ancient robot. But Vegapunk failed to discover the source of energy that the ancient robot used. It’s a power source that is yet unknown.

One Piece Chapter 1067 will also feature another face of Vegapunk where Bonney will use her lightsaber to attack Vegapunk. But the lightsaber attracts bugs. Bonny is scared and faints. Then Vegapunk there is something he wants to give Bonney.

  A vital conversation will be made between Vegapunk and Luffy. The scientist wants to get out of Egghead Island. He asks Luffy to help him.

Then the scene cut to CPO and Lucci. They arrive at Egghead but the access request is denied by VegapunkShaka to the island.

Meanwhile, Lucci finds a report that Bonny is near the area. So he wants to kill her as she escaped several times and Bonney is of no use to the World Government.

Fans will also get updates on the present situation in Momoiro Island. The scene begins with the real Bartholomew Kuma, who is now on Kamabakka Island with Monkey D. Dragon and the Revolutionary Army. Suddenly Kuma gets up and starts running. The chapter ends here. There will be a break before the release of One Piece Chapter 1068.

One Piece Chapter 1067 is set to be released on Sunday, 20, 2022. You can read the Japanese manga chapters online for free on Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and Manga Plus apps and websites.

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