‘Untold’ on Netflix: Must-watch sports documentaries exploring lesser-known stories

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‘Untold’ on Netflix: Must-watch sports documentaries exploring lesser-known stories
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If you're a sports enthusiast who enjoys learning about the personal and behind-the-scenes stories of players, Untold on Netflix might be just the series for you. This sports documentary film series, released in 2021, offers a unique and lesser-known perspective on various sports stories. The films are released in weekly installments, each covering a different sport such as basketball, tennis, and hockey. With its recent release of Volume 2 in 2022, Untold now includes even more intriguing stories, including those from the world of football and basketball and more.

Volume 1 (2021)

Untold: Malice at the Palace- It takes viewers back to a fateful night in 2004 when a brawl broke out during a basketball game between the Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons. The documentary explores the events leading up to the fight, the chaos that ensued, and the aftermath that reverberated throughout the NBA and beyond. Through interviews with players, coaches, and fans, "Malice at the Palace" sheds light on one of the most notorious incidents in sports history.

Untold: Deal with the Devil- The film tells the story of Christy Martin, a pioneering female boxer who defied gender stereotypes and became one of the most successful fighters of her time. The film examines Martin's personal and professional life, including her turbulent marriage to her trainer, Jim Martin, and the shocking attack that nearly ended her life. Through archival footage and interviews with Martin and those closest to her, "Deal with the Devil" offers a compelling portrait of a fearless athlete who refused to be defined by anyone else's expectations.

Untold: Caitlyn Jenner- The show chronicles the life of Olympic gold medalist and transgender activist Caitlyn Jenner. The documentary explores Jenner's early years as a gifted athlete, her record-breaking performance in the 1976 Olympics, and her journey to coming out as a transgender woman. Along the way, "Caitlyn Jenner" addresses the controversies and criticisms that have surrounded Jenner's public persona, while also celebrating her courage and resilience.

Untold: Crimes & Penalties- The documentary tells the stranger-than-fiction story of the Danbury Trashers, a minor league hockey team with a reputation for violence and a connection to the mob. The film follows the team's rise to success under the leadership of its flamboyant owner, Jimmy Galante, and his teenage son, who served as the team's general manager. But when the FBI began investigating Galante's ties to organized crime, the Trashers' improbable run came crashing down.

Untold: Breaking Point- It focuses on the career of Mardy Fish, a former professional tennis player who struggled with anxiety and mental health issues throughout his life. The film follows Fish's rise to prominence on the ATP tour, his battles with performance anxiety, and his decision to step away from the sport in 2015. Through interviews with Fish and his family, as well as other players and mental health experts, "Breaking Point" offers a poignant and insightful exploration of the pressures faced by athletes at the highest levels of competition.

Volume 2 (2022)

Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn't Exist- Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn't Exist is the sixth installment in the series and explores the story of Manti Te'o, a former Notre Dame football star whose career and legacy were threatened by a fake online relationship. The film delves into the impact of the scandal on Te'o's life and career and examines the role of social media in modern-day relationships.

Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1- The documentary tells the story of the American sportswear brand AND1, which rose to prominence in the 1990s and early 2000s with its unique streetball-inspired basketball shoes and apparel. The film explores the company's origins and the impact of its "AND1 Mixtape Tour" on the basketball industry, as well as its eventual decline and fall from grace.

Untold: Operation Flagrant Foul- Operation Flagrant Foul focuses on the story of NBA referee Tim Donaghy, who was caught in a 2007 betting scandal in which he was gambling on his own games. The film examines the impact of the scandal on the NBA and the larger sports betting industry, as well as the personal consequences for Donaghy and those around him.

Untold: The Race of the Century- The Race of the Century is the ninth and final installment in the series and tells the story of the Australia II yacht crew, who famously defeated the New York Yacht Club at the 1983 America's Cup, breaking the club's 132-year winning streak. The film explores the challenges faced by the crew in their quest for victory and the impact of their historic win on the sport of sailing.

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