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One Piece Chapter 926 Spoilers: Is Kaido’s head bounty 2 billion beri? Luffy may be saved by Ashura

Devdiscourse News Desk japan Last Updated at 27-11-2018 00:34:09 IST Japan
One Piece Chapter 926 Spoilers: Is Kaido’s head bounty 2 billion beri? Luffy may be saved by Ashura
  • Image Credit: YouTube / One Piece

A plenty of things happened in the previous chapter and here we will talk about the probabilities in 'One Piece' Chapter 926. The chapter is gradually coming closer to the conclusion of the Wano Arc, which is a premonition of another major battle on the horizon. The only female member of the Yonko, Big Mom is expected to join the skirmish.

In 'One Piece' Chapter 925, the participation of Big Mom in the Wano Arc was already confirmed. In other words, it is clear that Wano Arc is going to be insane. But the joining of Shanks, Blackbeard and the marines in the Wano Arc is yet to be confirmed. Considered one of the strongest pirate captions on the planet, Big Mom is only expected to have a full confrontation with Blackbeard. However, the Straw Hat Pirates may not engage Big Mom, as she is probably to go after the Beast Pirates in 'One Piece' Chapter 926, as reported by EconoTimes.

One of the Yonkos, Kaido (who is considered the strongest creature in the World) is the general of the Beasts Pirates. The price of this tall man's head is yet to be revealed. But the anime enthusiasts are expecting the price of this man's head might reach around 2 billion beri. Since Kaido's captain, Jack has a bounty of 1 billion beri, the bounty of his general's head is expected to be around twice the amount. The upcoming chapter on an overall is surely going to have one of the most fascinating plots with so many powers assembling to combat in the same conflict.

Some old faces were seen in the previous chapter and the anime enthusiasts are expecting them to see in the Wano again in 'One Piece' Chapter 926. As already discussed the upcoming fight between Big Mom and Blackbeard, both want Luffy to be behind the bar, hence some action is expected here. Fans may get to see Ashura and Kiku assisting Luffy to be free from the clutches of Big Mom and Blackbeard. On the other hand, some more characters like Moriah and Devon are expected to play important roles in Wano Arc.

There is no update related to the delay of 'One Piece' Chapter 926. Hence, we can expect it to be released on November 30, 2018.

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