Reviving the Spirit of Bengali Entrepreneurship: Insights from Economist Sanjeev Sanyal

Economist Sanjeev Sanyal highlighted the history and contributions of Bengali entrepreneurship at an event by the Bengal Business Council. He emphasized the significant role played by Bengalis like Raja Rammohun Roy and Dwarkanath Tagore, calling for a change in the narrative that business is not a Bengali forte and advocating for policies to revive entrepreneurial spirit.

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Reviving the Spirit of Bengali Entrepreneurship: Insights from Economist Sanjeev Sanyal
Sanjeev Sanyal
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In a thought-provoking discourse, economist Sanjeev Sanyal underscored the dual driving forces of art and culture, alongside the enduring spirit of Bengali entrepreneurship, in the Bengal Renaissance. Speaking at a Bengal Business Council event, Sanyal delved into the rich history of Bengali trade and enterprise, mentioning prominent figures like Raja Rammohun Roy and Dwarkanath Tagore.

Highlighting the entrepreneurial legacy, he cited maritime traders like Chand Saudagar and prominent merchant families such as the Seths and Basaks. Sanyal acknowledged the challenges posed by silted channels but reassured that trade persisted despite these obstacles. He pointed out the significant contributions of business figures during the partition of Bengal in 1905, mentioning companies like Calcutta Chemicals and Luxmi Tea.

Addressing the contemporary outlook, Sanyal argued that Bengalis need to revise their narrative of business inefficacy and urged for policy changes to rejuvenate the state's entrepreneurial vigor. He cited past trade unionism during the Left Front government as a deterrent to business growth, emphasizing the necessity for new strategies to foster entrepreneurship in West Bengal.

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