Blessed Birth: Rare Twin Baby Elephants Bring Joy in Thailand

Buddhist monks recently blessed twin baby elephants in Thailand after a rare and near-tragic birth. The male and female twins were born on June 7 in Ayutthaya, a historic city. This rare occurrence marks only the third such pair in the world, making it a significant event.

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Blessed Birth: Rare Twin Baby Elephants Bring Joy in Thailand
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In a heartwarming event last Friday, Buddhist monks in Thailand blessed twin baby elephants, celebrating their rare and nearly tragic arrival. The male and female twins, born to a 30-year-old elephant named Chamchuri, made their debut on June 7 in the ancient city of Ayutthaya. This city, located 80 kilometers north of Bangkok, is already a popular tourist destination and now has another reason for global attention.

The historic Ayutthaya Elephant Palace and Royal Kraal, home to the newborns, announced that this birth was the first of its kind in the province. According to the Thai government, this is just the third instance of such twins globally. The twin elephants are the fourth and fifth offspring of their mother, Chamchuri.

The caretakers, known as mahouts, were prepared for one birth but were astonished by the appearance of a second baby 18 minutes later. Quick actions by the team, including one mahout who even broke his leg while protecting the newborn, ensured the twins' survival. The female calf initially appeared too weak to survive but has since recovered. Wat Traimit monks blessed the calves on Friday, and the elephants were honored with bananas and milk, celebrating their addition to Thailand's national symbol and identity.

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