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Hodan Nalayeh: Journalist who died trying to show positive side of Somalia

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Updated: 13-07-2019 15:49 IST
Hodan Nalayeh: Journalist who died trying to show positive side of Somalia

Hodan Nalayeh, a Somali-Canadian journalist, and her husband Jama Suleiman are among the 26 people that were killed in the suicide bombing attack which occurred yesterday in Somali port city of Kismayo. Soon after the reports of her death tributes started pouring in for this journalist who did her best to show the positive side of Somalia to the world.

Renowned Muslim writer Boonaa Mohammed paid tribute to Nalayeh and called on people to take inspiration from her.

Amal Noah, a goodwill ambassador for Somalia Women & Children expressed her sorrow and paid her respects and wishes for the afterlife of the journalist.

Aden Duale, member of Parliament for Garissa Township and leader of the majority in the National Assembly, Kenya, considered her a brilliant and positive member of the society.

There are many others who expressed their feelings about Nalayeh.

Nalayeh was born in 1976 in Somalia and later moved to Canada in 1984 where she received training as a journalist. She founded the online platform, Integration TV which has around 62,000 subscribers on Youtube. Nalayeh was reportedly very interesting in showing the positive stories from the day-to-day life in Somalia and her Twitter account shows such posts.

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