New Zealand's Midwifery Crisis: Funding, Recognition, and Sustainability

New Zealand’s midwifery sector is facing severe understaffing and underfunding issues, which are exacerbated by a lack of professional recognition. The 2024 budget includes significant health funding, but it remains unclear how much will directly support midwives. Increased investment in training, support, and on-call compensation is crucial for sustainability.

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New Zealand's Midwifery Crisis: Funding, Recognition, and Sustainability
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Amid ongoing challenges, New Zealand's midwifery sector anticipates potential relief from the 2024 budget, which allocates NZ$8.15 billion in health funding. The sector, however, continues to grapple with severe understaffing and underfunding.

Of the 3,300 registered midwives, 40% are approaching retirement age, with many leaving due to inadequate support and financial constraints. The need to triple the number of qualifying midwives annually is critical to meet current demands.

Research highlights that midwives' struggles are deeply rooted in gendered professional structures, leading to undervaluation and insufficient support, particularly during the pandemic. Addressing these issues through 'earn as you learn' initiatives and increased on-call compensation is essential for the profession's future sustainability.

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