Latest Health News: From Novo Nordisk's Share Slip to Pfizer's Chief Scientist Resignation

Summarizing current health news, Novo Nordisk shares fell due to a rival's better-performing drug, Purdue Pharma seeks a litigation halt post-Supreme Court ruling, the FTC highlights the influence of PBMs, UN experts report famine in Gaza, Wall Street is bullish on Tempus AI, and other notable health-related updates.

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Latest Health News: From Novo Nordisk's Share Slip to Pfizer's Chief Scientist Resignation
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Shares in Novo Nordisk dropped 1.9% after data analysis indicated Eli Lilly's Mounjaro shows superior weight loss results compared to Novo's Wegovy.

Purdue Pharma requested a 60-day halt on lawsuits against its owners following a Supreme Court decision that disrupted its bankruptcy settlement.

The FTC reported that healthcare consolidation has allowed a few PBMs to significantly impact prescription drug prices.

UN experts warned that famine has extended throughout Gaza, with at least 33 children dying from malnutrition.

Wall Street analysts are optimistic about Tempus AI's potential in diagnostic advancements, backed by its extensive clinical and molecular data.

A study revealed limited airborne transmission of the bird flu strain found in U.S. cows among ferrets.

Austrian prosecutors plan to charge two men for selling fake Ozempic, causing harm to three women.

Abbott faces trial over claims its preterm infant formula led to a serious bowel disease in babies.

Pfizer's Chief Scientific Officer Mikael Dolsten will retire after over 15 years at the company.

Emergent BioSolutions and Johnson & Johnson settled a $50 million dispute related to a terminated COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing deal.

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