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China warns foreign forces against "conniving" in Hong Kong

Reuters Beijing
Updated: 15-08-2019 16:12 IST
China warns foreign forces against "conniving" in Hong Kong

Image Credit: Flickr

China accused unidentified foreign forces on Thursday of fomenting violent protests in Hong Kong, warning them that their "conniving" efforts had been noticed and that they would end up damaging themselves. "Foreign forces must stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs," Chinese Ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming told reporters in London. "Stop conniving in violent offenses - they should not misjudge the situation and go down the wrong path otherwise they will lift the stone only to drop it on their own feet."

He added: "evidence shows the situation would not have deteriorated so much had it not been for the interference and incitement of foreign forces. Hong Kong is part of China. No foreign country should interfere in Hong Kong's internal affairs." Liu also accused Western media of being unbalanced in their reporting and of confusing right and wrong.

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