Google Doodle to commemorate National Day in Paraguay

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Google Doodle to commemorate National Day in Paraguay
The front of the flag features the national coat of arms as the reverse is emblazoned with the Paraguayan treasury seal, which depicts a yellow lion overlaid on a red Cap of Liberty. Image Credit: Google doodle
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Happy independence day Paraguay!

Today is Paraguay's National Day, a national holiday that celebrates the anniversary of the country's official declaration of independence. Google illustrate a beautiful doodles on Paraguay's flag. This public holiday is celebrated on May 14th. The holiday lasts for two days and May 15th is the National Day of Paraguay.

In May 14, 1811 a military insurrection broke out in Asuncion garrison. Plotters led by Captain Pedro Juan Caballero went to the Governor's quarters located on the main square of Asuncion, where they were greeted by second lieutenant Mauricio Jose Troche, a supporter of plot, was on duty and in charge of the small garrison of 34 men from Curuguaty.

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At midnight Ensign Vicente Ignacio Iturbe presented Governor Velasco with demands from plotters led by Caballero. They demands "surrender of the main square, all the weapons and keys to the Cabildo." And "Governor Velasco stays in power, but as a part of three-man junta which should include two representatives appointed by the officers at the quarters."

A group of officers and politicians which included Captain Pedro Juan Caballero, Fulgencio Yegros, Vicente Ignacio Iturbe, Mauricio Jose Troche, Fernando de la Mora, Juan Valeriano de Zeballos and José Gaspar Rodríguez de Francia forced governor Velasco to agree to a creation of a three-man executive junta.

As Governor Bernardo de Velasco was reluctant to accept the conditions presented by plotters, additional revolutionary troops came to the square and set up a battery of eight cannons in front of the government house in Asuncion.

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Ensign Vicente Ignacio Iturbe brought a new ultimatum, setting a short deadline for response. It was already early morning on May 15, 1811. As the town garrison assembled, Governor Velasco was against any bloodshed, and came to the door to say: "If this is because of authority, I give up the command baton." This announcement was met with joy by the assembled crowd. The flag was raised and a 21-gun salute fired amidst the ringing of church bells. (This day is marked as Paraguayan Independence Day.)

On May 17 a public proclamation informed people that a ruling junta, consisting of Governor Velasco, Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia and Spanish-born Army captain Juan Valeriano de Zeballos has been created. Fulgencio Yegros reached Asuncion only on May 21, 1811.

While Paraguay managed to isolate itself from the outside world under the rule of Francia and avoided military conflicts with Argentine Confederation or Empire of Brazil, its independence was still not recognized internationally.

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Only on November 25, 1842 Paraguayan Congress formally declared an Act of Independence. It was recognized by Bolivia on June 17, 1843. However it was fully secure only after Empire of Brazil recognized it on September 14, 1844 and by Argentina on July 17, 1852. However, this recognition was rejected by the Congress of Argentina and the actual recognition of independence came only in 1856.

The United States of America recognized Paraguay as a separate and independent country on April 27, 1852. American Legation in Asuncion was established on November 26, 1861, when American Commissioner Charles A. Washburn presented his credentials.

Today's celebration is marked with the outdoor gathering of family and friends to play soccer, listen to local music, and host barbeques. Found at many of these vibrant cookouts are the national dish of sopa paraguaya (a zesty traditional cheesy cornbread) and no shortage of yerba mate, a traditional caffeine-rich drink essential to Paraguayan cultural heritage.

Another mainstay of Paraguayan Independence Day festivities is the national flag, depicted waving proudly in the Doodle artwork. A symbol of liberation, the Paraguayan flag is among the world's only national flags that feature different designs on each side! The front of the flag features the national coat of arms as the reverse is emblazoned with the Paraguayan treasury seal, which depicts a yellow lion overlaid on a red Cap of Liberty.

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