Google doodle celebrates Independence Day of Guatemala!

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Google doodle celebrates Independence Day of Guatemala!
Google has dedicated a remarkable doodle to the Republic of Guatemala. Image Credit: Google doodles
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Happy Independence Day to the people of Guatemala!

The people of Guatemala today (on September 15) celebrate Independence Day. Google has dedicated a remarkable doodle to the Republic of Guatemala. This Central American country declared independence after 300 years of Spanish colonial rule on this day in 1821.

Guatemalans celebrate their country’s independence with festivals, concerts, parades and civic murals. White and blue Guatemalan flags, like the one waving in today’s artwork, fly high in the sky throughout the country. Traditional foods like tacos, tostados and tamales are also enjoyed and shared between community members.

The first evidence of human habitation in Guatemala dates to 12,000 BC. Archaeological evidence, such as obsidian arrowheads found in various parts of the country, suggests a human presence as early as 18,000 BC. The researchers published an article in Nature on June 3, 2020 describing their discovery of the oldest and largest Maya site, known as Aguada Fénix, in Mexico. It features monumental architecture, an elevated, rectangular plateau measuring about 1,400 meters long and nearly 400 meters wide, constructed of a mixture of earth and clay.

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In the 16th century, Spanish forces conquered the territory and claimed it as part of New Spain (now recognized as Mexico). During this time, it became an administrative state of New Spain. Inspired by the American and French Revolutions, Central Americans sought sovereignty for their respective states.

On 15 September 1821, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Honduras officially proclaimed its independence from Spain. Independence from Spain was gained, and the Captaincy General of Guatemala joined the First Mexican Empire under Agustín de Iturbide.

The day presents the perfect opportunity to experience the full splendor of Guatemalan culture. The local cuisines and beautiful Mayan designs on display during Guatemala Independence Day have become a major tourist attraction from other countries.

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