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Villagers of Melghat face acute water crisis

Updated: 10-06-2019 14:26 IST
Villagers of Melghat face acute water crisis

Image Credit: ANI

People in Melghat, who have been facing acute water crisis, are forced to walk miles away to fetch water for their mundane needs in the scorching summer heat. "It's been 4 months since we are facing an acute water shortage in the village. I come early in the morning and fetch water till 12 or 2 in the afternoon. The situation is so severe that sometimes the villagers have to stay overnight and fetch water from the well the next day. We feel helpless and the government has not done anything in this direction" Vimla Dhote of Bihali village told ANI.

"I leave my daughter at home and spend at least three to four hours each day in order to fetch water from the well. She is too young to take care of herself alone. Who will take care of her if we continue facing such severe water crisis? The government should understand our plight and provide with some aid immediately" Sangitha of Bhandari village told ANI. Melghat has been reeling under severe water crisis for a decade now. The villagers have to travel one or two kilometres away from their place, with their families in order to fetch water each day.

All the water resources in this village have dried up and the villagers have no other option than to fetch contaminated water from a dried-up well near the village.

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