Hamas Supports Biden's Gaza Ceasefire Proposal in Eid Speech

Hamas, through its leader Ismail Haniyeh, has expressed support for the latest Gaza ceasefire proposal, aligning with the principles of U.S. President Joe Biden's plan. Haniyeh emphasized readiness for a comprehensive deal involving a ceasefire, withdrawal from Gaza, reconstruction, and a swap of Israeli hostages for Palestinian prisoners.

Reuters | Updated: 16-06-2024 14:30 IST | Created: 16-06-2024 14:30 IST
Hamas Supports Biden's Gaza Ceasefire Proposal in Eid Speech
Ismail Haniyeh

Hamas' response to the latest Gaza ceasefire proposal is consistent with the principles put forward in U.S. President Joe Biden's plan, the group's Qatar-based leader Ismail Haniyeh said in a televised speech on the occasion of the Islamic Eid al-Adha on Sunday.

"Hamas and the (Palestinian) groups are ready for a comprehensive deal which entails a ceasefire, withdrawal from the strip, the reconstruction of what was destroyed and a comprehensive swap deal," Haniyeh said, referring to the exchange of Israeli hostages for Palestinian prisoners. On May 31, Biden laid out what he called a "three-phase" Israeli proposal that would include negotiations for a permanent ceasefire in Gaza as well as phased exchanges of Israeli hostages for Palestinian prisoners held in Israel.

Egypt and Qatar - which along with the United States have been mediating between Hamas and Israel - said on June 11 that they had received a response from the Palestinian groups to the U.S. plan, without giving further details. While Israel said Hamas rejected key elements of the U.S. plan, a senior Hamas leader told Reuters that the changes the group requested were "not significant".

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