Netanyahu's Claims Highlight Growing Tensions in U.S.-Israel Relationship

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed a significant drop in U.S. weapons deliveries, which the Biden administration has denied. This underscores growing tensions between the two allies over the Gaza conflict, civilian casualties, and military tactics. The dispute aligns with rising political pressures and differing viewpoints between the leaders.

PTI | Telaviv | Updated: 23-06-2024 16:44 IST | Created: 23-06-2024 16:44 IST
Netanyahu's Claims Highlight Growing Tensions in U.S.-Israel Relationship
Benjamin Netanyahu

In a recent Cabinet meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu highlighted a 'dramatic drop' in U.S. weapons deliveries for Israel's efforts in Gaza. His assertions have been firmly denied by the Biden administration, deepening the growing rift between the two nations.

Netanyahu revealed that the decline began approximately four months ago but did not specify which weapons were affected. He emphasized that only 'certain items arrived sporadically,' while the bulk of munitions saw delays. This dispute has intensified tensions between Israel and Washington, primarily over the Israeli military's actions in Gaza and the resulting civilian casualties.

President Joe Biden has postponed certain arms deliveries since May due to these concerns, though his administration vigorously disputed Netanyahu's claims of broader delivery issues. Despite rising criticisms, Netanyahu believes a resolution is forthcoming.

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