Recurring Quakes Leave Japan's Ishikawa on Edge

Northern Ishikawa, Japan experienced a series of earthquakes on Monday, causing minor damage. These aftershocks follow a major quake on January 1, which killed 241 people. Residents remain on high alert, and reconstruction efforts are slow. Train services were briefly halted for safety inspections, and no severe nuclear plant issues were reported.

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Recurring Quakes Leave Japan's Ishikawa on Edge
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Early Monday morning, Japan's north-central Ishikawa region was rocked by another series of earthquakes, still reeling from severe tremors on January 1. While the latest quakes caused only minor damage, they rekindled fear among residents.

A magnitude 5.9 quake struck the northern tip of the Noto Peninsula, followed minutes later by a 4.8 tremor and several smaller aftershocks. According to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), there is no immediate tsunami threat. Two houses that were already damaged in January collapsed in Wajima city, although no injuries have been reported so far, according to the Fire and Disaster Management Agency. JMA seismological expert Satoshi Harada indicated the quakes were aftershocks from the magnitude 7.6 earthquake on January 1. He urged residents to be cautious, especially near damaged structures.

Shinkansen super-express trains and other train services were temporarily suspended for safety checks but resumed service shortly, according to West Japan Railway Co. The Nuclear Regulation Authority reported no irregularities at two nearby nuclear power plants. One plant, Shika on the Noto Peninsula, had minor damage but this did not impact cooling functions. Hokuriku Electric Power Co confirmed there were no power outages.

The recent tremors reignited anxiety among locals who are still grappling with the aftermath of the New Year's quake, which claimed 241 lives. NHK public television highlighted residents leaving their homes and shelters to inspect for post-quake damages. Recovery efforts have been slow in the mountain areas, leaving many homes in disrepair. An inn operator from one of the hardest-hit areas, Wajima, recounted seeking cover during Monday's quake and reliving the terror of January's earthquake.

The January quake claimed 241 lives, leaving long-lasting damages and displacing numerous residents who remain evacuated.

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