Hawaiian Officials Oppose New US Military Telescope on Sacred Haleakala

Local Maui officials voted against a US military proposal to construct new telescopes on Haleakala's sacred summit. The Space Force and Air Force aim to build the AMOS STAR facility for space tracking, prompting objections due to religious and environmental concerns.

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Hawaiian Officials Oppose New US Military Telescope on Sacred Haleakala
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Local officials on Hawaii's Maui island on Wednesday expressed their opposition to a US military plan to build new telescopes atop Haleakala volcano. This marks the latest observatory project facing objections on the islands.

The US Space Force and Air Force's proposed facility on Haleakala aims to track space objects but has met local resistance. The Maui County Council unanimously passed a resolution opposing the project, citing Haleakala's significance as a sacred site for Native Hawaiian religious ceremonies and ancestral connections.

The resolution highlights unresolved issues, including an unfinished cleanup of a 700-gallon diesel spill from a past Space Force telescope site. The council urged federal and state agencies to deny permits for the new facility, which would include six ground-mounted and one rooftop-mounted telescope. The clear skies at Haleakala's peak, standing 10,023 feet, make it an ideal space observation point, despite existing controversies over similar projects.

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