India Poised to Lead: The Voice of the Global South in Climate Talks

Leading environmentalist Sunita Narain emphasizes that India has the potential to amplify its role in climate discussions by championing the challenges of the global south. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's proposal to host the UN climate summit in 2028 highlights India's ambition to take a leadership position on the international stage.

PTI | New Delhi | Updated: 15-06-2024 09:54 IST | Created: 15-06-2024 09:54 IST
India Poised to Lead: The Voice of the Global South in Climate Talks
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In a vision articulated by environmentalist Sunita Narain, India is poised to significantly elevate its influence in global climate negotiations by representing the interests and challenges of the global south. She made these remarks as Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed the country's ambition to host the UN climate summit in 2028.

During a conversation with PTI editors, Narain, the Director General of the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), underscored the critical role of the Conference of Parties (COP) as the sole forum for making multilateral decisions to address climate change. 'We can spearhead discussions about our unique challenges and help guide the world towards more effective solutions,' Narain stated.

Modi's intent to host the COP-28 conference aligns with India's opportunity when the presidency rotates back to Asia in 2028. The proposal must garner unanimous agreement from the group. Narain emphasized, 'It is crucial for us to engage in these talks because climate change is a multilateral issue that cannot be resolved bilaterally.'

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