BRICS Games 2023: Kazan's Sport Extravaganza Amid Geopolitical Tensions

The sixth BRICS Games, held in Kazan, Russia, feature thousands of athletes from around the world vying for medals in 27 sports. This event, shadowed by Russia's exclusion from major sports competitions due to geopolitical tensions, emphasizes Russia's pursuit of proving its stance against perceived prejudices from the West.

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BRICS Games 2023: Kazan's Sport Extravaganza Amid Geopolitical Tensions
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The sixth BRICS Games in Kazan, Russia, have drawn thousands of athletes from both major and niche sports to compete for medals amid a backdrop of geopolitical tension.

Opening on Russia's independence day, the event underscores the importance of sports in Russian national identity, especially given the country's ongoing exclusion from top international competitions since its 2022 invasion of Ukraine.

As Russia finds itself sidelined by prominent sports associations, the BRICS Games serve as a platform to assert claims of unfair treatment by Western powers. Despite these tensions, former Sports Minister Oleg Matytsin emphasized that the BRICS Games are not a replacement for the Olympics but rather an addition to the sporting calendar.

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