Free Youtube To mp3 Converter Online

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Free Youtube To mp3 Converter Online


  • Introduction
  • Benefits of using online Youtube to MP3 converting tools
  • Free youtube to MP3 converter: An online tool
  • Wrap up

When we look for online tools, we simply search them on any search engine with simple keywords. For example, search "free Youtube to MP3 converter," and Google will lead you to various online platforms. Most of these tools and platforms are free and easy to use. You only have to copy the URL and paste it on the platform and get your work done within seconds.

There are some amazing benefits of youtube converters; they will help you in many ways by saving your time and money.

In this article, you will find what are the benefits of using online converting tools and get to know about one of the best online youtube to MP3 converter tools that is available online and is completely free.

Benefits of using youtube to MP3 converting tools

Everyone loves music, and we all listen to good music every day because it is a perfect escape from our hectic and busy routines. We find some time and enjoy the music. Youtube is a good choice for that, but we can not always look for it because of internet issues, and we can not use it in the background.

This problem is overcome by the online tools that help you to download and convert videos from youtube and let you enjoy your favorite music offline anywhere you want. There are many benefits of using these converting tools that make them a good choice for you.

  • These converters can help you save your space, as we all know that videos can acquire more space than audio files. You can easily turn Youtube videos into an MP3 format that has less file size.
  • The sound quality of the audio is not compromised when using the online converters. The sound quality remains the same after conversion.
  • No download limit. You can download and convert as many videos as you want.
  • Most of these online tools are free. They do not need any subscription charges.

These benefits compel users to choose the online converters over any other offline tools.

Free youtube to MP3 converter: An online tool

The internet is stuffed with a lot of online tools that can help you in many ways. They are convenient, money-saving, and easy to use. You can easily convert a youtube video to your desired format in seconds and enjoy the music of your choice.

There are many online youtube to MP3 converters that have their own specifications. They work on different principles and have different interfaces. There are a lot of converters available online some of the examples are:

  • Ontiva
  • to
  • CC

Among those online tools, YTHUB.CC is the one that has amazing specifications and helps you to download and convert videos to the format you seek in seconds.

YTHUB.CC: A free online Youtube to MP3 converter

YTHUB.Cc is the best music engine one can trust. This is an amazing online platform where you can download and convert youtube files to MP3, MP4, and any other format you want.

You can convert and download the videos and even transfer them to other devices (PC, smartphones) and continue playing your favorite music offline and anywhere you want.

Features of YTHUB.CC

There are many peculiarities of this tool that make it a good option to choose. Let's look at the features of this tool.

  • With YTHUB.CC, you do not have to switch the tabs. It is not necessary to open different tabs and copy the URL. Users can search for videos on the same platform and convert the videos to other formats.
  • Users can extract the audio from videos into MP3 format. There is also an option for selecting audio size and quality in case anyone needs it.
  • An option for downloading a whole youtube playlist is also available.
  • With the help of this tool, you can now play your favorite playlist anytime without an internet connection.
  • This tool is also a video and audio cutter. You just have to adjust two bars and select the time frame and cut the file.
  • It is compatible with almost all devices.
  • And the amazing thing is that it offers free services. You do not have to spend subscription charges. However, you need to pay a certain amount for the premium services.

With the help of this easy-to-use and time-saving tool, you can enjoy your favorite songs by downloading them.

The conversion process: Youtube to MP3 by YTHUB.CC

The process is very easy. You just have to do is:

  • Simply search the keyword related to the video you wish to convert. You can also paste the URL onto the search bar.
  • Press the button "enter the key".
  • While using the search option, you can see the youtube video on the left-hand side, select the exact video from the result list.
  • If required, you can adjust the time by turning on the audio/video cutter tool and choose the required time interval.
  • The list of converted files will appear on the right side. There are format choices; select the format you want.
  • Select the quality and the file size, and then download the file.

By following the above steps download the videos you want and convert them to other formats as required.


Free Software tools are very helpful. They are efficient and make a lot of things timely for the users. When we talk about the online youtube video converters, they are amazing time-savers and help users to enjoy the music they love anywhere and anytime they want without any concerns related to the internet connection and the sound quality. You can get hundreds of downloads using these software tools.

I hope this article increased your knowledge about the working mechanisms and the proper use of the Youtube converters and helped you choose the better youtube video converter. I hope you enjoy your favorite music without any interruption.

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