One Piece Episode 996: The great battle for the future of Wano begins

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One Piece Episode 996: The great battle for the future of Wano begins
Akazaya members finally deliver Kaidou his punishment. Image Credit: One Piece / Official preview trailer
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The adventure fantasy anime One Piece Episode 996 is the next installment to be out. Fans are eagerly waiting to see what the upcoming episode has in store. One Piece is one of the longest-running TV anime of all time and is extremely popular with viewers worldwide for its excellent storyline. The series is based on the Japanese manga of the same name by EiichiroOda.

As we are getting closer to One Piece Episode 1000, the excitement around this season is high. The 1000th episode will be aired in theaters in France. People in France will be going to theaters to see the historic, legendary episode of One Piece. However, viewers of other countries have to depend on online streaming services. Viewers can follow AnimeLab, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix to watch all the episodes of the anime series. Fuji TV is the first to air all the upcoming episodes.

One Piece Episode 996 is titled "Onigashima in Tumult! Luffy's All-Out War Begins." The episode will release on October 24, 2021, after a break of one week.

Kaidou's alliance is not doing so well. But he is by no means a weak opponent. As Kaidou falls from the weight of the collective force of the Akazaya, his men take to battle. On the other side, Ulti decides to attack the daughter of Kaidou, Yamato while Luffy has to clash with Big Mom.

According to the preview of One Piece Episode 996, the Akazaya members finally deliver Kaidou his punishment. Grievous cries echo all over Onigashima and the Emperors' association starts to crumble.

Luffy will face Big Mom. He will make it clear that he is not going against Kaidou but he declares the war to defeat all his enemies in the battle. The great battle for the future of Wano begins in One Piece Episode 996.

As per Recent Highlights' prediction, Kaidou gets hurt and bleed. He screams with pain and his old scar starts to throb. He realizes that Oden's Ryuo is used by Akazaya. Kaidou accepts the challenges and shouts that he is still alive. The war starts!

In One Piece Episode 996, Yamato reveals that she is the only enemy of the Beast Pirates and fights with Ulti. The extremely skilled veteran Samurai Hyogoro and his forces confront the Beast Pirate group.

Meanwhile, the Queen is informed that a huge enemy force is entering with the members of Udon and Rasetsu Prison, Heart Pirates and so on. One Piece Episode 996 could also show Marco and Perospero have formed an unlikely alliance and they will join the battle.

Kaido is not dead. He tanks the attack of the Akazaya and shouts that he accepts the challenge. Watch the preview trailer below.

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