How Amazon Prime Video’s Hanna could return in the future!

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How Amazon Prime Video’s Hanna could return in the future!
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David Farr's action series Hanna had hit home with many viewers. The three-season drama was praised by audiences and critics worldwide. At the 1st Critics' Choice Super Awards, Hanna received three nominations: Best Action Series and Best Actress in an Action Series (Creed-Miles, Enos).

The storyline of Hanna stunned the fans and kept them engaged with Hanna's life from her childhood to adulthood and completed the story with no loose ends. While the super hit series came to an end, many fans expect whether it will return in the future with Hanna Season 4 or a spinoff?

Actually, the series has concluded with the story of a teenage soldier and without any cliffhangers. In the case of those hopeful fans for the extension of the drama, the series creator David Farr said to Screen Rant in an interview that season 3 is the end because there is "no more story." Farr said that each season of Hanna features different chapters of Hanna's life from her childhood to adulthood.

"You've got the upbringing of the child Hanna, then you've got the adolescent Hanna, and then act 3 is the end of her journey. And each of those parts of the journey involves the discovery of different parts of herself emotionally. It also involves huge discoveries in terms of things she didn't know and things we didn't know, and that's true very much this season. So that's how I've always had it planned."

Now in the case of a Hanna spinoff or a reboot, the creators may come back with an idea in the future. David Farr told that Hanna season 4 is possible in future to some extent. If the showrunner wants to tell more about Hanna, Amazon Prime Video would likely produce Hanna season 4 or a spinoff in the future.

In a recent interview, the creator also expressed his views about the possibility of a Hanna spinoff:

"Now, like all endings, you don't want the ending to be beautifully wrapped with a little bow. Many of my favorite movies have endings that have ambivalence or a strange sense of openness and possibility because that's, I think, how life is. But for me, to be honest, there's no more story to tell. There are all sorts of possibilities for [the] characters, which I'd love for viewers to take with them and imagine what they would [do next]."

David Farr continued: "And who knows? In ten years' time, maybe [Hanna] is a story I'll come back to but I've been on this story for 12 years, on and off. [laughs] It feels like it's time to enjoy some other stories and give [Hanna] a rest for a while. There's also something quite fun about leaving with people still hungry for more. That's an enjoyable feeling."

If a reboot or spinoff of the action drama Hanna is ever announced, we'll surely let you know! Stay tuned for more updates!

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