Black Clover Chapter 334 to depict the outcome of Asta vs. Lucius

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Black Clover Chapter 334 to depict the outcome of Asta vs. Lucius
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Black Clover Chapter 334 is one of the vital chapters of the manga, and it is returning on Sunday after a week's break. The true intention of the final antagonist Julius is revealed. He wants to destroy everyone in the world and reform a new reign.

Black Clover Chapter 334 will showcase the confrontation of Asta vs. the final villain Lucius Zogratis. Possibly Lucius is the final villain as the manga is in its final arc.

In the previous chapter, Lucius explains that he has two souls in his body and he is the most powerful devil in the world. He can see the future where everything is peaceful but to rule that he needs to get rid of his second soul Julius.

Earlier, Lucius asked his friend Zenon to turn his younger brother into a devil host as well but he disagreed with the offer. But later after Zenon's death, he returns to Julius and wishes to become a devil host. Lucius then explains his plan to use their devils' powers to remake humanity with undying bodies to create peace. Lucius travels to the Clover Kingdom and hides as Julius.

Fortunately, Asta has already discovered Lucius' identity hidden inside the Wizard King. The last chapter concluded with Asta's determination to save Julius and beat Lucius. Black Clover Chapter 334 is highly anticipated, and fans are eager to know what the upcoming chapter has in store.

Now to defeat the Wizard King, Asta has to be stronger than him. Although we are yet to witness Asta's new power after becoming Senior Magic Knight, but it seems he is not as powerful as Lucius. Black Clover Chapter 334 will go into detail about it.

Black Clover chapter 334 is expected to unravel the power of Lucius Zofree and Asta's vengeance. Another mystery to be resolved is Yuno's whereabouts. Some predict Yuno and Noelle may appear in between the fight.

On the flip side, some fans assume that as Asta and Lucius are facing each other in the final arc of the manga, Yuno may not be appearing in the battle. We previously saw that Noelle fought with Megicula and Vanica in the Spade Kingdom Attack arc but was not present in the final battle against Lucifero.

However, these all are predictions. We will get back with the spoilers and the raw scans as soon as it comes. A Black Clover Chapter 334 raw scan is scheduled to be out on August 17, 2022. But we would advise all fans to read the Black Clover manga after its release on official platforms.

Black Clover chapter 334 will be officially released on August 21. You can read the manga chapters online for free from Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and Manga Plus apps and websites. Here's the list of Black Clover chapter 334 timings and release dates in different places around the planet.

Pacific Summer Time: 08:00, (August 21)

Middle Summer Time: 10:00, (August 21)

Eastern Summer Time: 11 AM, (August 21)

UK Summer Time: 16:00, (August 21)

Central European Summer Time: 17:00, (August 21)

Indian Standard Time: 20:30, (August 21)

Philippines Time: 11:00, (August 21)

Australian Central Summer Time: 00:30, (August 22)

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