Chess Champion Fights Back: Karun Duggal Seeks Justice Against AICF Ban

Karun Duggal, a former state chess champion, seeks Rs 1 crore compensation from the All India Chess Federation (AICF) for a decade-old ban and Elo rating removal. Despite high court interventions and support from prominent Grandmasters, Duggal awaits proper justification and restitution for his lost prime competitive years.

PTI | Chennai | Updated: 17-06-2024 22:16 IST | Created: 17-06-2024 22:16 IST
Chess Champion Fights Back: Karun Duggal Seeks Justice Against AICF Ban
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Karun Duggal, a two-time former state chess champion from Delhi, asserted on Monday that he did not breach the All India Chess Federation's (AICF) guidelines, while pursuing compensation from the national body for disrobing his Elo rating and banning him in 2010.

Duggal has issued a legal notice to AICF, demanding Rs 1 crore for the punitive actions against him, which were unfounded suspicions of his association with the Chess Association of India. The former champion recalled how British Grandmaster Nigel Short and Indian Grandmaster Abhijeet Kunte helped restore his rating through a trial at the Competition Commission of India.

In an interview, Duggal recounted, ''In 2010, AICF removed my rating, even though I had not participated in any unauthorized tournaments at that time. They also barred me from any tournament under AICF,'' helping him garner support from other affected players.

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