Controversial Strike: Israel Targets 'Hamas Compound' at Gaza School

Israel's military has reported that it targeted a 'Hamas compound' within a school in Gaza, resulting in significant casualties. Conflicting reports have emerged, with Hamas' media citing 39 deaths and other sources citing 32. The Israeli military alleges the site was used for militant operations, but evidence is yet to be provided.

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Controversial Strike: Israel Targets 'Hamas Compound' at Gaza School
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Israel's military announced on Thursday its targeted strike on what it termed a 'Hamas compound' within a school in the Gaza Strip.

The attack, reported by Hamas-linked media sources, resulted in at least 32 fatalities and numerous injuries. However, details surrounding the strike, especially in the Nuseirat area, remain inconsistent as of Thursday morning. The Associated Press has yet to confirm these details independently.

Reports from Hamas' al-Aqsa television cite 39 deaths, although no source was provided for these numbers, while the Palestinian news agency WAFA also mentioned at least 32 people killed and dozens injured. The Israeli military claimed the strike was aimed at a school run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), alleging that Hamas and Islamic Jihad used the facility for their operations, though they did not immediately offer evidence.

According to the Israeli military, steps were taken to minimize civilian casualties, including aerial surveillance and additional intelligence gathering before the strike. The Nuseirat refugee camp, a populated Palestinian area in central Gaza, dates back to the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. The Israeli military also published a graphic depicting the targeted areas on the school's upper floors.

This conflict has escalated following Hamas' attack inside Israel on October 7, which resulted in over 1,200 Israeli deaths and 250 hostages. The Israeli campaign in the Gaza Strip has resulted in approximately 36,000 Palestinian casualties, with more deaths reported from operations in the West Bank.

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