Sudan's Displacement Crisis: Over 10 Million Flee as Conflict Rages

The UN migration agency reports that Sudan's ongoing conflict has internally displaced over 10 million people, with more than 2 million fleeing to neighboring countries. The crisis emerged from military tension and has led to severe humanitarian issues, including famine and gender-based violence.

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Sudan's Displacement Crisis: Over 10 Million Flee as Conflict Rages
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The ongoing conflict in Sudan has led to the internal displacement of over 10 million people, according to the UN migration agency. The fighting, which began last April, has also forced more than 2 million residents to seek refuge in neighboring countries such as Chad, South Sudan, and Egypt.

'Imagine a city the size of London being displaced. That's what it's like, but it's happening with the constant threat of crossfire, famine, disease, and brutal ethnic and gender-based violence,' said IOM Director-General Amy Pope.

The conflict erupted due to escalating tensions between Sudan's military leaders and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, resulting in widespread devastation and a humanitarian crisis. The UN warns of an increased risk of widespread starvation and death if humanitarian aid is not allowed. A call for international aid has been made, but less than 20% of required funds have been received.

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