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Kerala to have 'Open University' on the lines of IGNOU

PTI thiruvai
Updated: 12-06-2019 15:12 IST
Kerala to have 'Open University' on the lines of IGNOU

The Kerala government has decided to start an 'Open University' on the lines of IGNOU, state Higher Education Minister K T Jaleel said Wednesday. After perusing the report submitted by Prof Prabash, special officer appointed to study the feasibility of the project, Jaleel said the University will start functioning from the academic year 2020-21.

"There is no additional liability for the government. The Open University will make use of the staff and facilities of the distance education departments of various universities," Jaleel told media here.

Private registration for the courses at various universities will end this year and from 2020-2021, the students can register with the Open University, he said. The new university will focus on skill-based and skill development courses and will make use of laboratories and other facilities of government-aided colleges and will benefit those unable to gain access to university/college education and the marginalised.

"The entrance, exams, valuation, administration and all related to the university will be completely online," Jaleel said. The decision to set up the university was announced last October. The Open University will benefit those who have registered for distance education programme under Kerala, Calicut and Kannur Universities and those who have registered privately under Kerala and Mahatma Gandhi Universities..

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